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Author UndeadPie
Tags author:undeadpie long unrated
Created 2014-10-29
Last Modified 2014-10-29
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Description They can be quite persistent... It's a remake of a remake of Cvalda by Tommy_Wiseau. Thanks to James_s1_4 for the idea to change the gameplay :))

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You guys know...

I forgot to block the one-way the other way near the exit-switch.. I meant for the player to backtrack and go through the mine-corridor as in my demo :)

Nice demos Mohit q:
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786 is holy number.
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that's right James, just went with the inspiration :) I agree Fraxtil, that the gold might as well be deleted, I think it's only one of them that you can actually miss.. Didn't occur to me to change it hehe :) AGD
Demo Data

i'm not a huge fan of maps where you almost have to put in effort not to get an AGD
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ah this isn't literally the idea I mentioned -you were inspired by it to work on the sr route right. I like it :)