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Author UndeadPie
Tags author:undeadpie remake short unrated
Created 2014-10-24
Last Modified 2014-10-24
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A remake of Tommy_Wiseau's Cvalda.

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it's cool q:
One of my best speedruns on NUMA.

Thanks Undead!

Although I don't AGD many maps, only those which either don't have too much gold or are too good to skip AGDing. This one is both. :)
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I was

actually waiting for you to AGD this map Mohit, you're really active these days :) Nice demo


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is a really cool idea q:

hey nice map. I think it would be nice if the fast agd route was like a trick- you'd follow the gold path then turn around and go back to the left exit jumping over a mine or two in the process

I'm glad

you guys like it. Tommy, you play it exactly as I do :) Good thing I added the path then Fraxtil, was a last-minute addition. Nice speedrun RandomDigits and I'll get to the drawing board XENEX :))


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First try AGD

Nice map
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i LOVE maps of these kinds :D 5/5
im expecting more maps like these from you :D

first try speedrun
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slightly faster
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i like this path
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Cool :)

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