Escape From The Ancient Foundry

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action adventure author:_destiny^- destiny playable unrated
Created 2014-10-17
Last Modified 2014-10-17
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Description Nice little adventure map for you all

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I miss them. Quite difficult. The thwumps sections could be refined slightly but overall it is pretty well done.

Alright, set two rules and I'll start then I'll give you two rules. Making it a little more exciting and less "run of the mill"
I have an idea for something epic. Hmu.

For example that map, do I have anything going in the right direction?


hard are my thoughts. did not complete it, got into too many shabang with mines and patience was waring thin.

btw I need some feedback, pretty please.

pretty hard
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srsly though ty zoas
if you're down, maybe we should organise a better way of communicating? Iodine can join too. :3

Your link:


disgusting demo

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very clever map, i have gotten about 2500 frames in and still not scratched the surface. i'll have to keep trying. obvious 5
If you're interested in adding some text or images or some other NReality mechanics in say idk a collab or something hit me up. I am yet to see a good NReality adventure and I think it'd be epic.

Anyway, high quality map, 5/5
But i suck at actually beating it :(
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Pretty cool drone mechanics