F-Zero N

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny f-zero n playable race unrated
Created 2014-05-31
Last Modified 2014-05-31
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Description Dedicated to StreetsAhead since I probably wouldn't have made this if not for his recent resurgence.

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Yep, this F-Zero alright
But the demos look sick. Awesome map man, and thanks for making a race ;)

i really like the tiles here, and the emptiness of the map as a whole gives it a very interesting atmosphere that not many maps seem to give
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cleaner agd

got 781 5 times in a row before this
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I hope you stick around for a while because this is a sweet race. Those drones were timed perfectly, they always seemed to be in the right place so I could get through all the time.
and I think to myself, I don't care that that is symmetrical to that and that balances that -whats the big deal tsk. But good use of balance can make something that u can imagine to be real in the universe as if it lives, it floats in space, it might be moving and it has character like delicatness, looseness/freeness, steadfastness. -And that's what I meant when I talked about my definition or art

*my not by

lasers are great with glass panels. And even the drones positions form the same slanted square shape as the main bit of the tiles

argh, but I dont

mean it looks like chaos -you've managed to make it look like a thing (by definition of good art lol.) and a 'fast' thing. I love the rounded thing at the top and the presence of the laser. Anyway there's not much point of this comment, just saying I appreciate it
that don't really know what you're looking at (you just know that its orderly) -and the glasslike panels and hidden thwumps fit in well to that. The same goes for the gameplay, you don't know what's going to happen but what happens is all orderly (as race maps are). :)

very interesting,

low skill run on board>


nice race
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Yeah the map gets tough starting at the launchpad on the left. Still a pretty neat map
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A fairly short one. The last jump is intentionally awkward, it's supposed to feel like a strained 'leap' to the finish. If you hit it just right you'll fly through it at 100mph though.
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