Hyperkinetic Displacement

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny displacement hyperkinetic playable race rated
Created 2014-07-11
Last Modified 2014-07-11
by 5 people.
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Description Have a fresh race in a curly style which i've not done for a long time :)

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couple changes/additions

Yeah good idea man

I know what you mean, your race series (part one in particular) felt like what was happening in the story.

Nice speedrun!

Thanks for the comments guys :)
but really cool, unique flow with some sweet stuff I've not seen in races. 5/5

Cool race!!

sorry for destroying the race. :D
close to sub-400
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A new race! I can't play it right now, getting through a fever. But this looks sweet! (And now I'll stop ending every sentence with an exclamation mark)!
Just kidding, it's a joke replay.

I like the map, but I get killed by the left thwump a lot and in my real demo I'm not very good at final part. (You can see it on board)
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Sweet race

Really hard too. I couldn't manage to get past the far left side. Still, really well made map.


This has some really hard spots!
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