Temple Thief

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera map megasuperfun rated sunset
Created 2013-10-19
Last Modified 2013-10-19
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Inspired by Sunset. This was going to be in a mappack, but I doubt I can make 50 other maps. *shrug* I still like it though, so here ya go.

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Link me to your profile on the forums, please :)

Can I hold a contest for mapping.
You take an old numacon map and either re-tile or re-object it. And the winner of each round can either write a review on my date or (if it's good enough) get featured? It could help raise traffic on the site in both comments and mapping. I just need to find 2 other judges.

k, I'm about 30% done. Done in a few days.

Yes, when are they due

<3 <3
make it happen pretty please with a cherry on top and sugar on

now you hold the key to my life-long ambition! :)

Well, thank you!

I'll use it then.

It says that linked forum does not exist. If you want to just give me 2 random days a month I am quite flexible.

Hi, Aidiera!

Could you just answer this quick question? When does wintercon end?

thank you

and thank you for the custom title also


can i be a reviewer again?
I have no "idea what to do" with the Dronies'13 code?
Do I have to 'Login' using the code? What is the username or email for it?
I want to change it to this [] but it keeps telling me there is an internal server error. How do I get around this?

k, no prob

thanks anyways for trying

hey, Aidiera!!

can you please change my avatar to this [].
I tried several times but everytime 'Internal error' occurred....thanks in advance... :)
btw, cool map!!

You misspelled my name :(

oh cool.

Yep I could do that. Im in :)


Thanks for the offer. Id like to, but in the past I've been a bit shit with responsibilities on here. How in depth is the judging process? Because I reckon I could do a rank a top 10 kind of thing, but I don't trust myself to do a full ordered list of all the submissions or rate them all out of 50 etc. Hope I don't come off as ungrateful for the offer, just conflicted between past experience and wanting to do it haha

Sure, why not.

Just tell me where I have to submit my opinions and what I should judge how (like atmosphere, gameplay and so on) and I'm in.

I mean the ability to rate other maps with this account, not disabling rates on the maps of this account, I'll worry about disable the rates on each map. Just to be fair and honest and not to vote any map with this account. You know what I mean?

This for example: 5/5 ;) :P

Anyway, thank you.

Hey Aidiera,

mind you disable the ability to rate on this account?
Thank you.


Demo Data
but I really don't understand what's hard about this map. The difficulty is great. Also, I loved the thwump and the one-ways. 4

Demo Data

Overwhelmingly hard in my opinion. Plus the gold was strangely placed. Just not a fan. 2.5^ (because it may just be me)