Caution In The Wind

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny hard playable race rated revival
Created 2014-03-10
Last Modified 2014-03-10
by 11 people.
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Description You guys remember this genre? :D

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Barring the thwumps and the iffiness of the bottom right FG, I enjoyed this race quite a bit.

The thwumps are a bit finicky (see demo).
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5/5. Also you're wish of more race maps has come true recently :P
But then i'm still waiting for somebody else to make a race this year...

thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the maps :)
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ah, life

Oh, old people

I'm coming up on my 8th anniversary, too.


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Oh the Memories

You brought them back. I'm running on 8 years too

i missed this genre

i am in high school again


Nice map. Laser + thwump combo was cool, and pretty fresh flow in the other parts as well.
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It's the genre I mis-tagged my maps with when I was new here and then I never figured out how to make one really. But I've definitely enjoyed them, yours were always of the highest quality too. Good to see you making one again!
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Glad to see you resurface.


it's been too long


Enjoy ^^
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