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Author apse
Tags action author:apse playable rated
Created 2013-11-15
Last Modified 2013-11-15
by 6 people.
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Description i threw this together in half an hour. big map incoming sometime in the next 6 months.

press j before loading.

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love the jumps on this. unforgettable tiles.

i'd love to collab some time
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we gotta collab again sometime soon
Didn't put it on the News post but they are.

I would've preferred more cohesiveness in the enemies. Four enemies, all different types? Tough to pull that off.

Also, the floorguard starting in a tile is a personal pet peeve of mine, but I obviously can't offer that as a legitimate criticism.

The laser, imo, didn't work well. Pinned me down too often. I'm certainly not a player who requires flow in a map, but this was too start-and-stop for me.

The right side was significantly better than the left.

Overall, it's an okay map and looks very nice, but I think you've done much better. 2.5

Death demo, I played the right side by respawning myself.
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1. I'm sorry is I submitted a couple of your maps without your premission, I took the commitment to publish this project/pack in which we all had participated, and obviously your maps were included in it. And obviously, since you published the maps for the project, they were inside it. I did not ask for permissions because I took for granted that you wanted to participate/contribute, and it would have been really difficult having to contact all the participants after more than a year, and to wait for their response, more and when many of them are no longer active anymore. I apologize.

2. I had only posted two maps from you under this project, and both also published by you in your account. But I think it is irrelevant, since the moment that the maps published under this account form an 'all', the Vehemence 4 mapping project.

3. Actually I am posting the maps under this account, named like the pack, so do not have a global authoring, if not unitary, each map has its author and is clearly specified. Obviously, it is a specific person (me) who publishes them, but overall and for the purposes of the database is anonymous, or in any case, as a pack/project in where all of us were involved as authors respectively of each of its maps. It looks like you speak as if I was who were publishing the maps on my own /personal/ account, this behavior seems absurd to me, because it is quite clear that the maps are in VEHEMENCE4 account and with its respective authors names.

4. And finally, it's me who is surprised that you act this way and not see it as something postive or from the point of view of the project. It's me who really thought you were a reasonable guy.

Anyway, it's up to you dude, it is your decission. Thank you.
Excuse me, but I do not understand. I think Vehemence 4 was a mapping project in which many of us participated willingly, and was eventually forgotten and a project which was not published in any way at all. I'm just taking the effort and the care to post all maps created for this project here on NUMA, like any other author you have a personal tag, and all your maps will be collected, people will play them online and with its respective leaderboards. After all everything will be compiled under this account, and in a whole pack file. I think you participated, and everyone has liked this idea, support me, and in fact many of them thank me, I really do not understand what your problem is, or which inconveniences this may bring to you.


Left side was awesome! Great use of the laser. Right side gauss area felt underused. I don't like that jump to the door switch, so I feel like you should've added some more tiles in and tried to do something else with it. But I did like that final drone. :D


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Great map!
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