Not a Suspended Air Bridge

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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 contesque gameplay hard playable retile unrated
Created 2013-04-25
Last Modified 2013-04-25
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A retile of 0-02 suspension bridge from the N Holiday Contesque. This retile actually changes the gameplay of the level. Delisted due to the 2 maps on the hotpage rule.

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A nice relaxative map.

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I'm here: #insatiable

oh cool!
You want to talk about it in real time now in IRC?


miststalker06 writing something other than AGD. Must've been a good map :P
Accidental NGD...
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Funnily enough, I came to comment on how this map felt like a new-Metanet map with enhanced aesthetics, and upon reading the description, I now know why.
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Hi kyozo!!

You're making really interesting stuff with these retiles! Sincerely.

And I want to tell you something. Time ago I started a Series (not released yet) called Struggle form Much Love Metanet Series see, here's the banner:

Which consit, in my case, in completely re-object the whole first column of the Metanet Contesque, the first 64 maps in order, so far I got to the 33/64 map in re-objeting, and also RedNinja is making his own re-objects to the 64 first maps in order. So the intention of the pack, is when we are done with it, release it in Forums, all the packs from every different author in the same thread, as a kind of tribute to Metanet, so the player can choose which pack from which author download and play, so after all, the genral essence and impression is having multiple packs from the main base and can see the differences in mapping from each author. I think deep_blue is also with us.
But my proposal for you is as follows: Is really interesting what you're doing and would be really interesting if you could be belong us, but with your personal thing, the retiles, but must be of the first 64 maps column, the 'hard' one, and in order. So finally we can release in forums all the stuff and people can play them and have different tastes. I think it would be a great idea, it isn't?
HJope you like it, and please contact with me to talk about this deeply. :D

See, here's what i have so sar (33/64 maps):

And here's my re-object just for this map, 0-02 in first column:

Seriously kyozo, i think that would be a super interesting project and I hope you would like to be with us. :D
I'll wait for your response.


stuff. :)


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