Leave No Blue Drone Thingy Behind

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Author coldcut
Tags author:coldcut chase concept experimental novel rated
Created 2013-04-21
Last Modified 2013-04-21
by 10 people.
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Description A concept map. experimental.

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I swear

One day i will do this. Got 148 frames in realtime...


Maxed with this route. I can't get the optimal route though, I always get killed in the ceiling.
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I used a similar concept once, Here. []

It is still a cool concept, and I consider the two ideas we had in mind to be completely different.

my lazy run

5/5 from me
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There you go. Underclocked demo :)
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According to NED

This wins :D
But not so in userlevels. :(
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But I´ll use another one.
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Or maybe

like this?
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Like this?

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Demo Data


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I win? ;3

Havent seen this idea before.
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