An Exercise in Self Control

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Author coldcut
Tags action author:coldcut control exercise fun self unrated
Created 2013-04-18
Last Modified 2013-04-19
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Description some parts do fast, some do slow.

EDIT: added gold as to the request and made some changes to the mines to make it easier.

EDIT: got rid of gold over bounce blocks. thanks for the advice :)

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Just thought I would give it a go.
And on the first bit I did an accidental backwards bounce block jump from the top though... Not sure what it's actually called. :P
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thanks kiaora :) u made my day. those maps were really well made. this map is a bit too hard i realized but maybe not for everyone

it's a pity you hadn't made this 6 months ago. M&R would've loved to include this in 2.0

Thanks for the good advice daggafork.

cucumber i changed the mines to make it easier, added the gold because of what u said. the original way the mines were was too difficult i realized. anyway as a thanks to both of you i offer this half way death demo. cuz dam its tough!!!
Demo Data

The gold you added

completely destroys the entire map, as when you go on a bounce pad for a frame while you pick up the gold you can't jump
I meant to add gold in such a way that it does not really change game play however does allow the map to be completable in user levels.

added gold mr cucumber. also changed the third floor from the bottom so it would be easier. i tend to make maps too hard.
if there was a little bit of gold in the map. I'm not sure I can do it in under 3600 frames (90 seconds)