The Lamplighter's Lover

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides featured playable ppii rated
Created 2012-11-09
Last Modified 2012-11-09
by 11 people.
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Description 09-1 from Pheidippisodium, Part II [], and one of my favorites from the pack. Two more PPII maps on the way, and then it's back to your regularly scheduled programming. Stay tuned!

This map was featured on 2013-02-03

It was the lamplighter's job, to light the lamp every night. Otherwise, ships sailing towards the coast would not see the land ahead. They would become a shipwreck.
What the lamplighter did not know was that he had a lover. She would hide at the lighthouse's base, and gaze upon him as he would light the lamp each night. However, with all the sharp rocks scattered across the coast it was hard to watch the lamplighter without getting hurt.
An idea popped up into her head: Go up to the lighthouse and meet him. A challenge with a worthy prize. — 123leonidas321

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I'd feature if it weren't already featured.

loved it!

agreed with romaniac
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Although not a completion I love this demo.
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Excellent pick.

Also very clever use of doors.
Agreed with Romaniac, I really liked the gameplay in the tower but I thought a couple of the gold pieces in there were too hard to collect.

Pheidi's maps lend themselves to stories. :D

I remember this one being a rough AGD.


This has great balance between the calm outside, and that frantic drone battle inside. faved.
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