Shoulders and Arms

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable ppii unrated
Created 2012-11-08
Last Modified 2012-11-08
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Description 08-3 from Pheidippisodium, Part II []. Two very different ways to play this one. Enjoy!

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didn't open doors

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Sorry, about winding you up...

We can collab to make up for it if you want?


because I do not finish well
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Pheidippides made a beautiful map with interesting structure that is an absolute blast to play. Way to step outside your comfort zone, dude!

No but seriously stop being so awesome it's getting old


...and the AGD only ended up being 200 frames slower lol...
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...was trying to speed run and then i fumbled and it turned into a completion :P...

...well, here is a good map that has no comments/rates and its been chilling here looking fresh for 5 hours now lol- so, here i am playing and commenting because i know how it feels to have a map that noone plays(its a bummer kinda)...

...anyways the tiles are pretty gorgeous and i like the symmetry of everyting floorguards, gold, tiles, and switch positions...

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