Another Damn Morning

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable ppii rated
Created 2012-09-15
Last Modified 2012-09-15
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description Deepsea Exploring. Our fearless aquatic ninja hero encounters a long-forgotten naval mine, still active. With a shrug, he sighs into his oxygen tanks. Just another damn morning.

In the past year, I've submitted about six maps to NUMA. Sorry. To rectify this injustice, here's a part of something I'm currently working on. Enjoy! Try to go fast.

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Fresh take on a mine jumper.

Love the

one ways.


Spectacular map, I really love the tile-set: 5/5.


Nice map

lol nice map number

Perfections at it's finest. 5aved



Excellent stuff.


Almost on a par with mistalker's (I'm assuming given that chimneying against the one-ways) FBF run. Superb map with a great use of of the one-ways to direct gameplay without limiting it. 5/5
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really cool map!

deserving of the cool map number haha. 27 is my favourite number :)
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Demo Data

ok remm

that's cool, but I no consider this as a cheat. Simply may be the speed route without the switch and with a cool climb. I was meaning cheat some mine or one-ways...

And a proper demo.

Not too much slower than cheating.
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completion. Just to show that it's possible. Going the normal direction is really nice to do.
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From my knowledge, this is not cheateable. If you're meaning the bottom hole with that mine, I say to that it's just impossible to pass through.

I'm wondering..

If this is by any means cheatable..


so many maps faved since I cant use N. >.>

amazing tiles.

as always. :D
The tiles remind me of my initial versions of Perfect Cherry Blossom too. The jumps were great and the difficulty was perfect. Would probably fit into a late-80s episode.



...faster AGD...

...i agree with 1211's first comment...

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Hey Pheidi!

I just came to that you did a fine job on this map. :D

Also, two things. The first one was another request for a collab. I loved the first one we did so much that I would like to do another. Next, I love your avatar. That anime is possibly one of my favorites.
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This one ends on 27! Just lovely!