Skinny Love

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable rated
Created 2011-11-05
Last Modified 2011-11-05
by 7 people.
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Description Pour a little salt; we were never here.

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I enjoyed every part of this map. 5!


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strong 4/5

I enjoyed this map!

This map was very good! It has a wonderful tileset, the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, and the gauss turrets, like the people below said, are greatly placed. It was a good difficulty and wasn't too long or short.



hmm, first map of yours in a while that I haven't liked. Oh well, can't like them all. I think it's because I almost never like "gauss and dead-end chamber" gameplay, if you know what I mean. I just didn't enjoy jumping around the map.
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Hell of a map, hell of a song.


I really liked the contrast of the rocket part to the gauss parts. The gold was a bit much, but it still looked amazing. 5aved.
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Amazing map, would you mind playing mine? Thanks mate.


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especially the bottom one.

i didnt like the rocket part at all. it looks like a different map.
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