And You Said Boss Maps Were A Bad Idea!

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides moa-accepted playable rated
Created 2012-06-24
Last Modified 2012-06-24
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Just a little something from Memoirs.

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It's been ages. Also, this is one killer map.

Fancy collabing at some point?
I've no idea if you still map any more...

The offer stands, though.

I can pastebin 5 maps from me to you (not on NUMA) and you can tell me what you think map by map?

I'm able to ask to you a favor?

Thank you.


fuck, great use of seekers, best use of em I've seen in a while
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Not a boss map lol.
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Fantastic tileset, you really nailed it here. The floorguard was a bit of a pain though. After messing with the drones in the main section the difficulty on the bottom became quite unforgiving. Also, having to dodge the seekers every time to start the level became somewhat annoying. These are very minor complaints when the overall quality of the map is considered though. A strong 4, well done.
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Giant octopus from Skyward Sword. You prophet.

Hawt shit

You used the space really well


This is great shit, man :D
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Quite fun.

I especially liked the bottom.