Sofi Needs A Ladder

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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice drop-you-like-a-needle-on-the-record moa-accepted unrated
Created 2012-07-23
Last Modified 2012-07-24
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Hi Karmapolice

I was aimlessly navigating around this site and I saw a comment you posted 24 hours ago and I thought it was nice seeing that you still continue to play the game! I remember playing you in various user levels back in the day and you were freaking good!

Ah I see

That sucks. I wasn't much of a fan of 2.0 either. Hopefully things will work out eventually.


If you can't playtest your maps, you could just send them to me and I'll be happy to playtest them. It would be cool to see you mapping again, as I've said numerous times, you have a great style and it reminds me of mine.


would post demo but I forgot how

and yeah

I should calm down i still have 4 months before I go.
I do watch anime and listen to Japanese music, and as you said, I think that will help. As with the trains, I think i'll figure it out pretty quick, and as you pointed out, it seems there are so many stations that it will be hard to get completely, utterly lost. I think I will bring some extra money along, because now that i'm looking at some of the trip details, I don't actually know if the English assistant thing pays at all or if it's just volunteer work. Either way I'll have a great experience, but it would be a bonus if I got payed a little. When i go, I'll be 18, so I wanted to know if that changes any of your advice about places to hang out? I got kinda excited because i just looked up Shibuya and shinjuku on a map just now, and they're adjacent districts to Meguro so that's awesome. Anyways, thank you for all your help! I'll definitely be contacting you when I have more questions! (And I will).
You are like the exact person I need to talk to about my Japan worries because my parents don't know jack. Anyways yeah Japanese food is my favorite already so I know i'll love everything there. As far as work goes, I think I'll be working part time as an assistant English helper at a middle school or something, so that should bring in at least something. Most of the money I'll be living off of will be supplied by my parents though, I think $2500 for the three months there. Idk i still have to talk to them more about that. And anyways the host family will feed me too when I'm not out having fun haha. I know that my days will be consisted of doing volunteer work as well as assisting with English at a school as I said, until around mid-evening, and then I can pretty much do whatever I want. I already talked to the host family, even if a very little, and and they already seem very lenient and accommodating. What I'm more worried about is communicating, because no one I know actually knows Japanese, so when I'm practicing on my own it's going to be a lot different than when I'm there and then suddenly everyone is talking at light speed and i'll be screwed. For the first month there I'm also worried about not being able to get home, A.K.A. getting completely lost haha. Fortunately I live in Chicago so I'm already used to trains.
Yeah i'll be staying in Tokyo for the whole summer. I wasn't too worried about the "racism" or whatever, I've heard about it from people who've been there 40 years ago, but from people who have been there recently, I know it wasn't going to be a problem. Specifically i'll living with a host family in Nakameguro, but I'll be all over Tokyo. What was your favorite place to "hang out"? And yeah my Japanese is steadily improving by the day so I think I'll be good.


I am going to japan. How was it?

hey! good to see you :D

hey there


Saw your recent comments and went like: "!!!!!!!!!"

It's been ages, buddy. Hope you're well.

I haven't used nreality in ages, but I've heard from others that the server is down or something. And since Unreality is who-knows-where, I dunno if it's coming back up.
Lots of people seem to be returning. It's not gonna go back to the 2010 days, but I think this will be the best era since around that time.
I saw you on AMLT's map :3

come back D:

come back D:

come back D:

come back D:

come back D:

come back D:

come back D:

Thanks everyone!

you should tag your moa-accepted maps moa-accepted.

Also, this map is really fun. I don't think I realised how good a mapper you are.

Very fun.

Looks cool, too.

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Sub 400 AGD

Demo Data

We should collab again at some point.
why is this so addicting
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