Fresh Born

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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice long-time-no-see unrated
Created 2012-04-22
Last Modified 2012-04-22
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Description Hello :3

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So um
Do you have skype yet? Or even an email address? :D

Fuck yeah!!

1 frame improved!! :D
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I'm back, baby. It may take me a while to regain my mojo...

i guess not :/

its good to talk to yu again man!

i missed you

i love your comments on my maps!

hey, i'm almost done with my pack and i need someone very skilled to playtest it. 50 maps. would you be interested?

I made the map 30 min - 1 hour before i posted it
tbh i didn't expect such a good reaction :)

Your maps are always delightful. May you live to be a thousand years old, sir.

Back! This map was completely ace. No rust, if you made it recently.


How's it going?

Almost a year...

Welcome back.


AMAZING how quickly you can get through. :D
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haha thanks everyone! been a long time :) not staying for a while but I wanted to come back on while i can. and no I'm not mahi :(
Also, what's happening to moa? is it gonna happen?

Welcome back Mr K.

hey, man

hello karma!!
Stay here for long dude!!!


Fast AGD. I thought you were still around here? I could've sworn I saw some comments or demos from you recently. Might've just been old maps. Anyway, welcome back.
About the map. Splendid. 5/5. No flaws.
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Been a while. Play later.

Hey dude.

hey mahi_mahi!!

hey you