Rainbow Silhouette Of The Milky Rain

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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice unrated
Created 2012-04-26
Last Modified 2012-04-26
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Description this was supposed to be something else but i just kept going haha :)

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its wonderful how rich the gameplay is, and how well it blends with the simple, but elegant, aesthetic. I always have trouble balancing gameplay and presentation

Loved this

Really fun and simple, two things I love in a map.
We should collab some time, if you want to.
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Demo Data

It's about time we seen a map from you; or at least see your name on here --> []


Really fun map, nice to see you back and highscoring too :D
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very nice map.

looks great and plays well, 4/5
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thanks everyone!
and thankyou ferox :)

440 AGD

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almost got approx 450.

First sub500 demo with dying on the last mine at 467.
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Damnit. Almost got sub500 and then my cat jumped on my keyboard, tabqing.

Oh here was my FTAGD that I left up.
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3rd try

fuck dat gold lol xD

Some notes:
Tiles are great, as always, all around aesthetically pleasing. Definitely a solid map with a cool structure, especially that guass chamber. However, as I am not a highscorer type, I can't really see myself coming back to this to replay it more once or twice.
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that is I loved!!!!

looks cool as hell

i'll play it tomorrow.