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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru nreality playable rated sleepy somnambulist
Created 2011-09-16
Last Modified 2011-09-16
by 5 people.
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This isn't to be played like a normal map. I guess this is a new way of playing N, so please let me explain.
The aim is to play with "eyes closed", respectively you don't see where the ninja goes.
If you don't play this in nreality, please close your eyes to get the full effect of this.
You will only be guided by sounds, which have the following meanings: sound of
gold = move right
locked door = move left
trap door = jump

If a sound of one kind is repeated at short intervals this means you should hurry with reacting.
I hope this will be an interesting experience for you, at least for me it was.
So turn up your volume and enjoy!

dedicated to 1211, EddyMataGallos, sayko and TBL

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I"m wordless

the only bad thing is that you don't know if it was fun or not, because this is like a Race for blind people. but this is really nice. 4
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Thanks a lot for the ded mate, i really apreciate :D
I havent got time right now but ill play it later ;)

Thanks man.

Really appreciate it.
but like i said you obviously have put a lot more work in


This is a brilliant concept. (I played it as it should be played first)-demo.
Demo Data

wtf did i just play

Demo Data

gloomp did it first

but it looks like you actually tried whereas i just stuck a lot of normal doors and 4 tiles everywhere so kudos
And i couldn't try it out.

But i really want to try this out. It looks like pretty cool.
I will play this later.

Stay on

IRC longer next time plz.