Rough Lovers

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob kra puzzle rated
Created 2010-12-06
Last Modified 2010-12-06
by 6 people.
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Description KRAish Puzzle. First map in a long time. I'm not back by any stretch of the imagination but I did make this and post it.

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and it is some good sound affect stuff. Unfortunatly i could only get the song slam of the door.



Hi, E_B! :D
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See, I don't find that cheating. I see that as being a lot harder than actually playing the level, so you get props for being able to do that and deserve the better time xD

It was neat. Difficult but neat.

cheated run, sorry i couldnt resist :P

good stuff though, i love KRAs :)
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That's OK,

part of the evil is the subtly.

evil bob

I refuse to believe you're evil.

Love 'em just about always. I'll get to this soon.

interesting puzzle, the start was a puzzle in itself, and the outside of it was fairly cool. love that thwump.