Something Wicked This Way Hums

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob collab playable sunset unrated
Created 2010-06-02
Last Modified 2010-06-02
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Collab with sunset. Kinda quirky but I think it's nice.

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i gave it a shot
Demo Data

horrible demo, you're maps are always so well made, this one isn't very fun in particular, but I usually prefer an E_B map
Demo Data


I dislike the top oneways - those are just annoying. I like the map overall, though. 4aved.
besides the upper middle bit. 4.

This specifically?

Or in general. I was planning on doing something...

I think

you should enter the muse contest.

Faving this for later.