We'll See You Right on the Other Side

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob playable unrated
Created 2010-05-26
Last Modified 2010-05-27
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Description Here's to 100 copies of my electronic album "Retinal Fatigue" that will arrive at my door a week from Thursday.

Completion is moderate.

AGD is pretty damn hard IMHO but 100 percent possible. Just a few hard jumps but they're near the end of the map.

Edit: Romaniac's "wrong way" was actually the right way and his proper route (his 2nd demo) was a mistake on my part. So I fixed it... His first demo should still work however.

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woo! really fun this, I enjoyed it a lot. You still around?
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that launchpad is pretty cool


My edit changes things slightly. Your first demo is the right way. That last jump you died on also has a different, and in my opinion easier way to do it (see demo):
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comments around the wrong way lol
The lower demo is the wrong way, the jump where I die is possible to do, and it is the faster way to get all the gold.

This demo is what I asume is the proper route AGD
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Two ways to get agd

I think this is the proper way, even though I didn't have to get one of the keys
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