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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac dragon featured fun-to-look-at n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2010-11-25
Last Modified 2010-11-25
by 118 people.
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It is finally here!

What i started about a year ago.
This is a tribal dragon drawn using only thwumps and bounce blocks.
To be exact: 3906 thwumps and 5829 blocks all in about 18 hours and 21. =D (i am a patient person)

As i said, it was all done by hand.
And to prove it, i am still recording as i am typing the description.
I will have the time lapse finished hopefully within a week, but i am having trouble finding how to make a good time lapse rather than the video playing a lot of frames at a very low frame rate.

And i hope i can upload a large video. That way yall can see more detail.
And if anyone wants, i can upload all of the video footage and images i used.

But, here it is finally.
Hope you love it.
And like i said, it is my last map.

I will keep checking back every once in a wile to see what people are saying about it, but after about 6-12 months i may begone forever from this site.

But i will not stop working on epic things like this. I have plans to make more maps, but for another game.
DAN-BALL's Powder Game.

Fun toy, but can literally make photos in it.
Not good quality, but for something like this, it would take me about an hour to make this dragon on it.

OK, see ya around.

This map was featured on 2011-09-10

DRAGON by RavenMac. They're not too much to say about this one. All one needs to do is cast his eyes upon this magnificent n-art to see why it's so special. With one glance, a person sees all the time, effort, and beauty in this map. The curves are perfected, the edges are sharp, and it's just damn fun to look at. — apakenua

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1. Paste map data into Microsoft Word (or similar program)
2. Have it do a count of all the times 8^ appears (for thumps) and how many times 1^ appears (for bounceblocks).

This map doesn't deserve any rating I can give it, but 5aved nonetheless.

You sir,

are the definition of the Ultimate Supreme N God of Awesome Epicness.

holy shit!

this is amazing. also how did you manage to count how many thwumps and blocks were in it?


i want this tattooed on my arm!
but it is amazing, isn't it.


The eyes of the dragon are not the holes visible.
I don't see the dragon. At all.


Whoever is bashing this clearly did not look at it. IT'S A DRAGON MADE OUT OF THWUMPS!!! AND IT! LOOKS! AWESOME!!!!!


I love you eganic.

Number 100
Great stuff.

This is so much more beautiful than the jaguar, but well, you know, beauty is in the eye
but it's still amazing like hell.
Although I can definately respect the work that went into this. Jaguar just seems more...finessed.


I feel like this isn't old at all, and that I saw it yesterday.



I was looking for this map just yesterday after I saw you making it on YouTube!
Was on the top page for about 3 days.

Any of his N-Arts.

Here's his user page. []

New compy

Just checking back this month.
I am on IRC all the time.
Lemme know what server or whatever its called and ill join ya.
Im already on one because i play Minecraft and use mIRC to keep logs.
Just lemme know.

I have see it and all i can say is, what is the picture of?
I can not see it whatever it is.

notepad narts


get on irc
Sorry for the very late comment. It is one of my N-Arts on NUMA. Oh, and congrats on winning N-art of the Year. Have you ever heard of Dragon_Moon?


I won the N-art of the year!
By a lot also.

Well, that is it.
I am gone from nmaps, but i still remember the days from when it was =D
Well, i will work on some more things on dan-ball's powder game, because i get better pictures there.
That is if i don't get too addicted to Minecraft.

I have a Deviant art account with the same name.
Check it out if you want, or not. Doesn't bother me either way.
Piratically ever where i have an account, it is the same name. (or very close).

But this is my last comment.
Hope y'all have a decent 2011.
and goodbye for quite sometime.
i will not be checking back regularly.


took you long enough to finish.


Never heard of it...
It is what i said it is. Me working on the map by hand the entire time, but speed up about 100 times.
If you don't believe me, i can upload all 18 hours of footage, but at 15 minute intervals it would take 74 videos on youtube.
Or i could upload a rar onto megaupload.

During the video, i check for errors twice in the video. During those times, i used photoshop to find the errors.

Any other questions, i will try to answer as best as i can.
and looking at your time lapse, what the hell is that program? like Is this autogen? explain yourself

yes, there are not too many maps that are better than this.
Look at a full screen picture of those and mine will look better than theirs.

Kinda hard to tell if you are complementing my map.
Thanks...i think.


I think the whole discussion of this is stupid. Here;s a fact IT'S level in a game on a computer, in a home, in a state, in a country, in a continent on an ocean in a planet, in a solar system, in a galaxy, in a universe, in the void. this is pathetic. Not to mention, this, took, time and work. There really inst much that is better than this, and that ,too is a fact.

I went looking through all of the narts recently and didn't see any of your stuff.
The dragon master i did, but nothing else.
And looking at it now, i cant see what its supposed to look like. (sry)

and the map listings mustn't be working right.
Just looking at yours and looked at 2 pages of 10 maps, found your zapdos, and went back to the 2 pages of 10 maps and there were different maps.

Im somewhat disappointed that this map didn't get over 100 votes and that it was knocked down to a 4/5 after about 35 votes.

And that jaguar that i made still had a mistake in it.
I think the only reason why it got such high a rating was that nothing had been made like it except one that had been deleted.
I make another like it and some people aren't impressed now.


I'm afraid there are at least 66 maps over 100 ratings, not to mention those between 85-100 not included. I made this list a long while back after my 180+ rates on my biggest nart... and it still does not come close to the best. You have a map on the list, your jaguar I believe, that beats even this. :P

Here's the thread: []

But I have to agree that you are the only one that makes anything halfway decent with thwumps. ;)


Sorry for having suck a "large" image in the description.
Not like nobody else hasn't done it before.

Id like to see you make a 5 minute map that's better than this.
Or anybody to make one.
And i looked last night, there aren't too many other n-art maps that are better than mine. (only 2 or 3)
Its just that i am the only recent person to make anything good with thwumps.


Your being just as annoying as everyone else.

RavenGod doesn't sound good to me. =P

Ok. I have to go to work now. So...bye
This is pure awesomeness. Thank you for this map, RavenGod?


nahhhhh....i dont think i will. especially since i did absolutely nothing to warrant that, ur just bein pissy. Again no need to be hostile
finally been bumped, but personally I find it rude and obnoxious that people are voicing their satisfaction here. All of you should shut the buck up, we can all see that's it's bumped.
Anyway yes, congrats one more time.
Oh and lets see...
@Geej: Shut the fuck up.
@Luigi: Shut up, you sound dumb.
@Squibblies: I love you.