The electric slide

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Author fireburnsfree
Tags action author:fireburnsfree fbf featured fun rated rom
Created 2010-10-28
Last Modified 2010-10-28
by 43 people.
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Description Help from romaniac.

This map was featured on 2011-05-15

You hear the bump of the blaring music, the beat rythmically rocking. You step onto the dance floor and try to stay in sync with the bass, making your way through each room. Then you see a bouncer and the last thing you want is to draw their attention. So you casually slip behind them. That's when the music stops and as the next song comes on you notice it's the electiric slide. Just smile, and get your groove on. — mystro23

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holy crap

was that /sweep/

Yeah but that was not as innovative or versatiile as this.


first featured
looking for fast ways through it, and puzzling over the trapdoor/gold section.
Great fun.



Holy shit sweep! It's been a hell of a long time!
I have no regrets with this review now, he 5'd it which means the game-play was amazing. Plus for him to come back and comment on this map....I am so happy.
Polished, can't think of any cons.


here is the other version []

Koipen, his next map is the same concept.

Superb map. Can be expanded though.


This map is great.
Demo Data

had potential

didn't think it was well made

Extremely average

Unpolished, i can't think of any pros.

I love this map, R.I.P. fbf.

execptional map

in my humble opinion
AGD (not to hard, not too soft, just right)
Demo Data

not bad

the concept isn't new, but the execution is pretty fun. i like it. 3.5
Demo Data
Minejumping with mine carpets. Awesome.

5/5, and a round of applause.

(Oh, and BTW, I fixed up the concept map. Gave a bit more of an indicator)

Sub900 AGD.

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5aved. This is great use of thwumps. The only bit I didn't like was coming back out into the thwump area through the one way after getting the door switch - I felt that the accuracy of the jump required wasn't fun. The rest of it was fantastic.

This is fantastic

Awesome layout.


The map is absolutely amazing. I Loved the golds, also most of mines placed well.

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Amazing demo, Arctic_Pony!


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