Ninja Star

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Author DragonCypher
Tags author:dragoncypher n-art rated
Created 2005-12-03
by 13 people.
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Description This ninja star is dedicated to the Yakuza - Japanese Mafia. Legends they are.

Also dedicated to the memory of the best holiday in my life (you guessed it, Japan). We went all 'round Japan from Tokyo to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Miajima, Hiroshima, Narita and so on...

I even went to Tokyo Disneyland, and trust me Its not as great as you'd think. Your better off goin to Dreamworld (if you live in QLD, AUS like me)

Anywho, Enjoy, Comment and please Rate

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This is cool

This is great 4.5/5


i like this one :) its quite snazzy :P 4 easily :)

if you download it

It says Ninja on the final blade while loading