Paratroopa 2: Behind Enemy Lines

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Author DragonCypher
Tags author:dragoncypher dda unrated
Created 2005-11-30
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Map Data

Description N has successfully landed on the ground unscaved. He looks around and then realises... hes deep inside the enemy base.
He must fight his way out, unlocking all the security doors and charging through the exit.

Once N makes it out he is safe from enemies, right?

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for the tips, ill keep them in mind for the next one

im sorry

but was there supposed to be any close calls in that?
rockets always died from doors, and hardly ever came remotly close to hitting n....
the best part was the lack of bounce pads...
I didnt like it, but im not gonna rate you badly, but next time, plz put mroe time into it, u have good ideas, u just need to get the timing down better, and lengthen it as googoo said...

not bad

not bad but way too short make it more lengthy, nice trapdoor propulsion