Paratroopa 3: The Great Escape

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Author DragonCypher
Tags author:dragoncypher dda rated
Created 2005-11-30
Last Modified 2005-11-30
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description N has escaped from the enemy base but just as he made it out, the enemy lauched a full scale attack from behind him (the right of the map). N now has to run to safety with 5 missiles and 5 gauss turrets attacking him.

This is the most difficult dda ive made, it has many close calls and N even cheats death in this!! thats my first death cheating experience...

please comment, rate, and enjoy

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ok 4/5


i had no choice about the delay... wouldnt work otherwise, soz

I like

This series, it has got my go. But the gold delay dropped the rating down to 4

Very Nice

Even better than the last one! keep em comin! 4.5