Secret Passageway...

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Author DragonCypher
Tags author:dragoncypher playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-11-30
Last Modified 2005-11-30
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Like that door-eerie and others but longer... the longest hidden passage level on NUMA!!!

enjoy! and please rate

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Thats freakin brilliiant.

Demo Data

if your sick...

of them then dont try it, comment or rate it simple

and i already admitted it wasnt the best, and i know other people have done it. Thats why i said "like that door-eerie"

Oh! It's miracle, I'm all better!

Nice try man, but it's not the best by far.

I had a long one

much...MUCH longer, the Ninja had to go over every square, many squares twice, some even more. The shortest demo ever submitted for it was 12000 frames. However, that was very long ago, before I deleted all my maps and started fresh!


ugh mazes...


only just realized this morning it wasnt longest... by far


but not the longest
my map "every last one" is every last one!


but, for future maps, longer isnt always better....

and i wish somebody would make a map like this with some drones that would be unleashed and follow you...

5/5 and faved

Wow. That was awesome. I loved how the unlocked doors didn't just make straight passages, but ones that went all over the place. This was incredibly well made. Excellent job.

how long?

too long... thats all i have to say


This is great for wasting time!

how long did it take?


nice lol i love it chech out my new dda plzzzzz lol also uts a 4.5/5 4 me =P