Simple Challenge - Verticle Thwumped

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Author DragonCypher
Tags author:dragoncypher playable puzzle unrated
Created 2005-11-29
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description This time the thwumps are verticle making the challenge to get passed them alot harder... and to make things worse, the trigger and door are on opposite sides of the level

Demo inside

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I've wanted to say that.... dunno why, sounds kinda gay. o well, here you go. Easy 3.5/5
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That demo of mine i posted is messed. =(

Pretty Easy

not much of a challenge
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that was really really really easy....

its a good idea, but plz make it harder....
much faster.
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Heres the demo

for the first way i found of completing it... if you find anymore, please submit demos
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