Squibbles, for squibbles, but not by squibbles

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Author sawlance
Tags author:sawlance complicated lasers noflow squibbles tileset unrated
Created 2010-06-19
Last Modified 2010-06-19
Map Data

Description Nothing will prepare you for these 12 lasers.
Yes, this map has no flow. I don't even reccomend playing it. I submitted it because of the tileset, which I really liked. And so, I am not allowing votes.

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I need to vanity search more often. >_>

You boldly went farther than I have ever made it.
That was some neat dodging.
15 lasers [] is where it's at.

Even so, this is much too long, and not being able to see the lasers is not a good thing.

Holy shit


Holy cow
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Could be faster.
Demo Data

fucking hard man.

you've outdone yourself. this is really good.