Upon Closer Inspection, One May Find This to be an N Map

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Author Dvip6
Tags action author:dvip6 featured moa-reject playable puzzle rated
Created 2010-04-23
Last Modified 2010-04-23
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description I was amazed by this discovery!
It's got lasers and rockets and gausses and stuff.

Ok, I lied, it doesn't have gausses

This map was featured on 2010-07-29

This map uses thwumps in a way that isn't particularly innovative or new, but in a combination that makes for a very fun and highscorable map. I really enjoy how this map puts together a bunch of different uses of thwumps into one given route. Whether the thwump is a pseudo-elevator or a ninja-blockade, this map proves that one central enemy can form a very effective map. I closely inspected the level data and found that it did indeed turn out to be an N map, mind blown. — cucumber_boy

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Loved this

Puzzley and elegant. I would've featured it if it hadn't been already. To be honest, it does feel a bit empty in parts, especially the top right, but the existing elements are used so well that it's still an outstanding map overall.

faster agd
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i rate this map as flawless. the maps design is totally amazing, at first i was like what the heck? then i saw the space where you could go up and make the thuwmp move. fantastic and brilliant, trust me, this map is going in to my user levels.
congretz dvip6!!
keep u[p the good work!

It's on like DONKEY KONG!

Also, thanks for calling me Inspired. :D
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then I fucked it up. ;____;
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Inspired's run cant be beaten, eh?

...and mine was done in realtime.
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Romaniac's run is a highscore route. Mine is an All Gold.

Oooh Hey Sweep!
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Great feature.

This map is incredibly elegant. I feel like I should be sipping a fine red wine between runs.


Thanks for the review :D

And nDEAVOUR, yeah, I think you win, I'm gonna stick my neck out and say I don't think that can be beaten...


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pretty not bad

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loved it.

So do I win?
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map ive played in a WHILE

Brilliant map

Really great layout and central concept.

Cool. 4aved.

I like this

a lot. Great map.

I remember this!

I really liked the mix of thwump concepts here, and the title.

I am mindnumbingly sick right now.


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I did this speedrun on underclock (-30, the speed I always use). You can go straight for the switch. I don't think you can land above the mines, but if you're good you can land between the top two and jump back off the top tiles back down to the finish. Or, if you want the highscore you can probably wait for the thwump to come back a bit and then jump up and grab those two pieces of gold... I think it would be worth it time-wise, but I'm not sure. This demo right here already almost beats my highscore (4 frames short, and I messed up when activating the bottom thwump).
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here's a speed run

working on a specific move.

@firetamer, sorry, I accidentally reported your comment.
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if you 'chimney' that e-tile and the thwump you can activate the upper thwump before landing on the right platform, which then shaves off about a hundred frames, though I havn't tried going straigt for the switch...
You used it so well.
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a bit faster ;)
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Demo Data
it doesn't seem any faster for highscoring, though...
I was wondering if you could jump off the back of the thwump and that e-tile to get the finishing key, but then you would have to fall back down and corner-jump the thwump to reach the finish... Not sure that would even work at all, though.
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That's pretty quick

There's a 'cheat' shortcut for the speedrunners, a cookie to anyone who can find it.


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sweet map ;) 4aved.
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