Rubies / Bruise

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day bruise collab featured mines rated rubies yahoozy
Created 2010-04-08
Last Modified 2010-04-08
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description Yahoozy and I made this map together.
Yahoozy and I made this map together!

This map was featured on 2011-04-07

What do you think of when you see the names lord_day, and yahoozy?
I think innovative, witty, and masters of their craft.
Rubies/ Bruise is a phenomenal portrait of their combined abilities.
The tileset is a jaw-dropping mixture of angled tiles.
The gold is a blast to collect and the mines are distant, yet an all too real threat for those foolish enough to risk their lives.
Finally the map as a whole is a beautifully crafted work of art, the likes of which can only be created by these two artists. — mystro23

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The climb up away from the rocket. Each piece of gold is positioned so that you must go for it quickly, else the rocket will make it around the tiles and make it near. It builds up a fear of the rocket that subsides, at the top. However I think the map should have ended there.
Faved definitely.
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i was just sort of objectively stating. that being said, i still stand by my comment.

Thank you Orion_ :)


Anyone else feel like picking on mystro today? Leave the guy alone. His review was fine. Better than most, imo.
It's just still not very well written: Don't start the last sentence with the word "finally," it only proves that you're laundry-listing, which you shouldn't do either.

Mystro, better

Too much padding though, you only said 1 thing about why the map is good, and one of those things can be derived from looking at the thumbnail.

dont remember this

this was when i ragequit :(
I mean, I like my maps. People enjoy playing my maps.

What is so wrong with my maps compared to this one?
1) Open Ned.
2) Put some tiles on the blank page.
3) Put some objects on the tileset.
4) Delete all your previous work and copy this map [] entirely.

Congratulations, you have just made a map.
I mean, it didn't particularly stand out, but there's nothing to really complain about either. What matters more is that you picked a great map to feature.

I 'memba this

Still have it faved. Excellent map in every way.
this would be a page.


Is. How. You. Map.

Stand by my previous comment entirely

I agree with Njitsu

beautiful and clever.


this is one of those maps where you know the author planned and calculated every single jump to make the best gameplay as possible. and the difficulty level is perfect.
in quite a while

..and the gameplay even better. 4.5^

I hope this review was better, I just want to do this map justice...


was the only thing that would keep me from featuring this map (if i were a reviewer :3).It's insanely hard to reach because there's no easy jump created by the tiles. It's just totally out of place in the difficulty of the map.

i give up.

you can keep your damn collab it's not worth it to wait for something that's never gonna come.


in your mind?

I like your Zero Phase Rail Map btw... I'll check out some of your maps later.


Demo Data
I thought it was 2 maps per user on hot maps page?
i want to like it

kk is right. So where's the problem?
if i knew what it meant.


good shit you two.


I don't know, I never really enjoy when you guys collaborate. I'm not sure why. :s


fun to play, well made.

I liked this.

I had fun.
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the map is quite fun, a well constructed mine jumper. I liked the rocket dodging. The tiles are okish; I wish they weren't so boring/bland/bleh/etc. Overall fun, but not memorable. Not that I'm saying I could do better, mind ;)

((How many people rated 5 before playing?))))