Dreams of Grandeur

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Author inspirationalist
Tags author:inspirationalist fucking rated three years
Created 2010-03-25
Last Modified 2010-03-25
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description In the long and the short of it,

inspirationalist is condog, sneekfeet, and numa_ninja.
apocalypta is numa_ninja.
and a new map pack has been released after over three years since its start.

Link. []

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Loving the name.

this map

is ambitious, but it's really pretty tough

I definitely thought Condog was back. :/

Still awesome. 100 sweet maps out of nowhere.


epic tileset. <3


They are still with us in spirit. I miss the good old days as much as you. :(


Does this mean Sneekers/Condog are back? Please tell me it does. I miss them. D:
Gotta say, they are incredible :D Very nice pack. 5/5