The N Show Ep 1: N Lost His Key!

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Author InuyashaDuelist
Tags action author:inuyashaduelist playable rated
Created 2005-11-23
by 7 people.
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Description Welcome to The N Show! This is episode 1!

"Oh Dear, Oooooh Dear..." said N, puzzled. He had lost his key to his car, and was already late for work. "Oh Dear... Why today? WHY TODAY?!" he screamed out. N is now forced to search his house, his front yard --with his dog, and that stupid B.B. Gun Shooting Kid Across the Street--, and his backyard --with his other dog, and a crapload of birds--, to try to find his key. "Well... I hope one of those dogs didn't eat it..." said N. "Gulp, I hope I don't get fired"


The N Show! can be found here:

Yes, I have resubmitted this map. The original tileset is by TOAST_OF_DEMISE. Enjoy :)

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A bit too long at a few parts, and a bit incoherent, but it was fun.