A Day At School

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Author InuyashaDuelist
Tags author:inuyashaduelist rated test
Created 2005-11-13
Last Modified 2005-11-13
by 8 people.
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Description .:Edited:.

Made to commemorate my 2 hour training of Corner Jumping.
Very frustrating jumper, unless you know how to do it.


My entry in Jiggerjaw12358's Simplicity Challenge, which can be found here:


5 Tiles Used: 1 E Tile and 4 5a Tiles
5 Objects Used: 1 Player, 1 Door, 3 Mines

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sorry to say...
Demo Data

We didn't die

Hrmf? We didn't die


I matched your time, it seems. That was easy.
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Fixed, and here is the new demo. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Oh... whoops
I'm now paranoid of submitting maps that I haven't reset because of people liuke you. FGS all you need to do is playtest the map after you've submitted it, is it that hard?

No Reset

You forgot to reset the map before you submitted it. :)


i die everytime it starts, tell me how to not die at the beggining so i can vote.


Here is the required Under 500 Frame Demo
Demo Data