Gotta Get To Work!

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Author InuyashaDuelist
Tags author:inuyashaduelist playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-11-11
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description N found his car key, but now he has to get to work. Guide him through the city of Fragally and get him to work... BEFORE he gets fired!


Based on a tileset by jiggerjaw12358, which can be found here:


With this map, I'm not looking for ratings. No, instead, I'm looking for speed demos. See who can get N to work the fastest ;)

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Yea, and also...

If you open them in the wrong order, all of them are open and you CAN'T get through


Could you walk through them? Darn it...


you stacked doors...bad idea
Demo Data


Quite fun. Couldn't get to the end alive though.


Hm? I can get to the exit ok... Can anyone post a demo of this glitch?

Nice tileset.

Fix that glitch.


Theres a glitch which makes it impsossible to get to the exit...