A Day At School 2

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Author InuyashaDuelist
Tags author:inuyashaduelist rated test
Created 2005-11-15
Last Modified 2005-11-16
by 9 people.
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Description .:Edited:.

Next comes the commemoration of my 3 hour curb jumping practice.

My second submission to Jiggerjaw12358's Simplicity Competition, which can be found here:


5 Objects Used: 3 Mines, 1 Door, 1 Ninja
5 Tiles Used: 3 E Tiles, 1 8Q Tile, 1 4Q Tile

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New Demo

I'm hoping this is the final XD
Demo Data

Oh no?

T'was not hard.

Um... demo'd.
Demo Data


I'll do that tomorrow, thanks for the idea!


there is a way. you can take out one of the tiles on the back side of the hump and place it there

Yeah well...

If I could have used another mine, I would have put it there... otherwise, there's no way to stop that.

I think...

this is why I don't like this contest much.
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New Demo

Ok, so I fixed it, and here is the new demo
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It is cheatable, you might wanna add another mine on the left side of the highest mine to prevent blantant cheating.. Like this. W0W, I still can't get over that cheating death mine sweeper manouever i did b4. i've only seent that in DDA's until now..
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Look what happens at the end!!!
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you can do this :)
Demo Data


I didnt die..
Demo Data


Here's my required Demo ;)
Demo Data