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Author dc443
Tags author:dc443 incomplete rated
Created 2005-11-22
Last Modified 2005-11-22
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description This is a DDA.

It is incomplete.

It will not work in User Levels.



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Mexican wave!!!!!!

dude that

is friking cool 5/5

Could do good...

It could do good...And i love DDA's so when its done you will get my praise if its good. Also you played a map of mine called Jump/Run/Fall of Death..and thought it was easty...well check out the revised version. Enjoy.


with great skill and concentration, my friend.


5/5 how do you do that?



realy cool how you move n w/ thwumps


that was a quick reply.

btw, its not "launchpad lag" it's N being suspended by the modified launchpads and cheating death (the frame when he is launched by a pad he is invincible) until the thwump covers him and is pushed up or to the side by the thwump. Makes for a cool effect.

glad you liked it.


i love this idea of using launchpad lag to get saved and shot out from the thwumps. really cool, it looks artsy sometimes under those huge lines of thumps. 4.5/5