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Author dc443
Tags author:dc443 incomplete rated
Created 2005-09-25
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description THIS IS A DDA

pushing the game to its limits ... and then some fun with thwumps.

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good job man.. very cool

ty everyone

can't believe i actually made a 4.5 N level, too bad i put it on as incomplete :P

This is just a demonstration of the tower effect discovered by atramentis, since i'm pushing N as fast as possible, i had to use one-ways to make him do 90 degree turns.


how do you do it? You make N go straight through the wall!


Favourite DDA this has become. Very cool thing.


finally one with less than 1000 jump pads. Good job, after seeing your test level i tried a tarnsporter myself...i know how hard it is now. Good job