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Author dc443
Tags author:dc443 playable race rated
Created 2005-10-22
Last Modified 2005-10-23
by 12 people.
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Description edit: Please watch my demo! the beginning isn't meant to be annoying.

Inspired by formica's trapdoor-assisted races. I've done my best to make the faster parts as safe as possible (the rather out-of-place jumppad helps keep your ninja alive), but of course, this cannot be guaranteed.

I'm very sorry about the load time, but i assure you it's worth it. Almost no gold, we don't need more lag.

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Very good race, I love the thing that you go back to the beginning at the end.
because you can go up and down it fairly quickly if you're good.
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I am aware of the properties of one-ways and launchpads, but i don't want to use too many of those since it's kind of cheap. They also slow you down entirely and break the flow. there's one part that's easy for you to die on that you can't control, and another part (the thwumps) where you have to regulate your speed to avoid splattering.

This should help

Great race, but some well-placed oneways should stop you dying as much.
Remember that you can't die when you crash into a launchpad from the side or below.


you pussies. it's not hard!


that's a nice map,
but it looks so hard,
i don't even wanna try it

great map

i loved it but im still stuck cos i suck at race maps

here's a demo

the only thing wrong with this demo is how i did the last section. there's a much better way to descend the bounceblock shaft.
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