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When I look around Numa, I see beautiful maps, or perfectly crafted maps. I see maps that took hours a day for a week to prepare. I see true inspiration and innovation. I see the work of artists and engineers.

And when I look at my own maps, I don't see sweat and blood. I see maps that aren't crafted to perfection. I see maps that didn't get their last coat of polish. My maps are maps that reached the point of fun and were pushed out the door before they knew what was coming, held together by paper clips and bubble gum.

Paper clips and bubble gum. You won't find streaks of beauty in my maps, and you won't find the pinnacle of N's possibilities. But if I've done my job, you will find fun. And you'll find it in its rawest form.

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Thumbnail of the map '@137D8A87.7671019E.2DBA6138' Thumbnail of the map 'Another Steaming Romp' Thumbnail of the map 'ghostbuilder' Thumbnail of the map 'scrimshaw for the middle class' Thumbnail of the map 'where the treeline meets the sky' Thumbnail of the map 'Friends Forever'
@137D8A87.7671019E.2DBA6138 Another Steaming Romp ghostbuilder scrimshaw for the middle class where the treeline meets the sky Friends Forever