Mutual Agreement

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe awesome featured fun hard playable race rated
Created 2009-10-11
Last Modified 2009-10-11
by 82 people.
Map Data

Description I don't really enjoy racemaking as much, but this one I really had a fun time making, until flash player crashed on me when I was almost done (due to a floorguard half way inside a border in the top right). If not for this [] pastebin, this map most likely would have never been finished (I was pretty pissed off, because this was coming together as my best race for a really long time). But I managed to subside my anger, and continue on to finish it (it actually came out way better than the almost finished version I had). :D

Probably my best race all year. Hopefully, this is the innovation yungerkid wanted to see from me. :/ Ah well. Special thanks to Leaff for some large playtesting on his part.

Please, enjoy.

This map was featured on 2015-04-10

You know I really didn't want to feature another Riobe race. In fact, I was looking back through my old favourites and I picked out several that I wanted to feature by other authors. Then I stumbled upon this old ass map which I had completely forgotten, and when I went and looked back at my other selections they just weren't as shiny as before.

This race is so goddamn genius that I can't believe it has an average rating of 4 what the hell was wrong with this community in 2009 I'm so mad right now I dont even — _destiny^-

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Very innovative and fun map, however sometimes you get killed by stuff where you definitely shouldn't.
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Might help

to have something written to that effect on the main page. Thanks for the confirmation.
just in case that wasn't clear.
1) is fixed
2) sidke releases a new version of NReality to point to the alt domain
trouble loading maps in NReality?

Also... seems I had commented on this 5.5 years ago, and it seems that my opinion of the map hasn't changed much.

Agree with Ferox.

This map borderline infuriates me.
Plays just as well as I remember!
You successfully combined the response-based elements of an action map gameplay with the timing of a race map. I can't believe I've never seen this before. Like, it's really annoying to play, but I can't stop. I also really like the look of the decorative things.


But i'd be a hypocrit, so...

Let's collab instead ^^ Up for it? It's sure been a while.



But it's aweosome.



But it's aweosome.


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crazy idea

excellently done.
yet not my fav race of yours.

well what can I say.. Really cool :)


@Ska (or anyone)

I'm can seem to figure it out---what does LP stand for?


sorry 'bout that. My internet is fucked... 0.o
In other words, this map is "not deserving (imo) of the amount of attention it received"

My opinion, is my opinion.
In other words, this map is "not deserving (imo) of "

My opinion, is my opinion.

@ da_man

Obviously it is deserving otherwise it wouldn't have them. And the number of comments is irrelevant.

I was wondering

what all the fuss was about, finally got around to playing. I enjoyed it a lot, the Rocket part top right, amazing! 4


I was a bit disappointed in the quality of this race. Definitely not deserving (imo) of 64 ratings and over 80 comments. 4/5

I think its about time you and I collaborated again...

By the way

that virus from a while ago seems to have cropped back up again. I'm hoping to get it fixed for good in a day or two, so I'll be more active soon (hopefully).
The way he said it made him seem like he sniped it or something.

Regardless, thank you all for the rate and comments. Glad you guys enjoyed it so much. :3

pretty cool

i enjoyed it. was different than the rest of these races. 4.5^/5aved! =)
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Look how many 5's it had! For it to have been demoted to a 4 there had to have been more than just a few 4's and a 3. I'd bet it was sniped.


Riobe:"Did you like snipe it or something? o_O"

Maybe he just didn't enjoy it that much?

I still prefer the

top rated and new maps seperate pages





Did you like snipe it or something? o_O

Very nice

I liked this.

4 frames faster

AGD still
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Fastest AGD

Hate to knock this off of 69 comments...
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