Beast And The Harlot

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Author _destiny^-
Tags a7x author:_destiny^- destiny different playable race rated
Created 2009-06-02
Last Modified 2009-06-02
by 14 people.
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Description Back from a weeks holiday in portugal, and i thought, 'Let's mix it up a little.'

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A little difficult but I love the bounce block slide down. 5ived for that.


definitely not like ur others but its still got a good feeling to it. 4




i wish i lived in portugal.
faster agd...almost sub 600
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i like this race. the whole style is right up my alley. i enjoy it, although it felt a little unpolished. good atmosphere.
At first I was a little disappointed, because it's not exactly the flowiest map ever. :) Thus, I had to look at a demo before I was able to figure out how to approach the map. However, what makes this map great is that it succeeds in challenging the player to complete the map as fast as possible (contrary to normal races, where perfect flows make it easy to approach the hi score within a split second) without destroying the flow so much as to make the race feel slow or tedious. Thus, it's great for speedruns, and has lots of replay value.


slow AGD

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Rather shortlived, but interesting. I liked running down the bounce blocks.
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awesome stuff

i dont know why, but i liked it.
4.5 up

and a speed run :D
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Portugal was hot :D

Saying that though, i've come home to an equally blazing heat wave :D

Welcome back. How was Portugal?

I like it. yeah it's different but awesome. 4/5 :D


I'm more interested in speedruns :D
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