Day 1: Shattered Heart

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Author _destiny^-
Tags 1 author:_destiny^- destiny playable race racediary rated
Created 2009-05-21
Last Modified 2009-05-21
by 21 people.
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Description I saw her for the first time - just a glance told me everything. She was a somebody, and i was a nobody. That's all there is to it.

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Just like all of your other races, this is fantastic. Going up and through the laser drone, falling into the V-shaped crack and reversing back is a great way of reversing and is different to most other maps. 5/5 for sure
great map. 5aved


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Good job!

Shit that's cool.

wtf is this

lol jk great quick race
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slow cause of the laser
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awsome. not only does it look incredible but the flow and the speed just make me want to play it over and over.
definitely a 5
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I'm so happy,

to see you around.

You are my N idol, still. :)
And... I'M BACK! ♥
Have a nice time in Portugal.

awesome stuff

the start pissed me off though...kept on forgetting to jump

4/5...a bit short...
and agd
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I'm off on holiday to Portugal :D
Much thanks to yungerkid for reminding me :P

I think

This has got to be one of your best looking races. Gameplay is rock solid as always.


quite nice. not different enough or perfect enough to be a five.


felt a bit short, but I liked the flow

you like those tile reversals, huh? :D
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the tileset wouldnt look like a 'shattered heart' :P

tied AGD :D

really fun, but a bit short.
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I won't vote because of my opinion on races...


I dislike races... the normal rules don't apply... don't get me wrong, the map is good, just not a fan of races... sure, they may seem fun and all, but simply... i already said it, the normal rules don't apply.... that's why I dislike em...
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near completion

i suck at races :(
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I've decided to call it The Race Diary. This one is short but sweet, I hope you enjoy it ^^
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