A tour of the N00b world

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Author Dead_N
Tags author:dead_n dda non-playable noob tour unrated
Created 2009-01-24
Last Modified 2009-01-24
Map Data

Description "Welcome to the world of N00b DDAs. Please fasten your seatbelt and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times. As you enter the room, you may see some objects that are outside the room, also, there may be a NaN or too. On your left, lines of launchpads. On your right, spammed mines and z-snapped objects. As you exit the room, you may notice that some of the gold still remains there, do not worry, move on. Thank you for joining us today, we hope to see you again!"

Press 1 before playing!
It might be obvious why I disabled ratings >_<

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the most professional dda i have ever seen.

point of my map was to click on the link in the description and play the game


Dead_N, I cordially invite you to MassiveMappack-MOA []


thats one of the better dda's ive seen....even with the noob crap :D
not noobish at all, more like experience attempting to fabricate noobish DDA style, but that's the whole idea.




no ratings, :P


N00b DDA I've ever seen. Description made me laff, and the random rockets and mines outside the map were funny too.

Nice work, 4.5 up.


i don't think you should of added all teh "nooby" stuff, it kinda ruined it.


very nice work!
You didn't even use the bad stuff XD

that great imo
long too...just the gold wasn't so great imo as a lot wasn't gotten


I'm gonna go to sleep now :P


I've never seena DDA like this. Impressive.


/Agrees with PsychoSnail/
i suck with them i would of giving this a 3.7/5


It's actually pretty nice.

Thanks guys

Somehow, i love how you put all those noob aspects in this map ^^
very nice one, for the DDA itself its very good.

If I had rated

4/5. A bit too much launchpad
And I've always loved your DDAs. They're great