Drum roll please

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Author Dead_N
Tags author:dead_n dda lasers non-playable rated rockets
Created 2008-12-06
Last Modified 2008-12-06
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA - nReality DDA -


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I'm gonna not care

What'cha gonna do about it?




Dude, This is so FREAKIN' AWESOME! Breath-takin! :P lol this should've been nominated as the DDA of the year - 2008. It's better than the 24 lasers one.
Without a doubt, 5/5 :) (Eww, what was with the teleporter at the end? :P)


N-GODDAM-REALITY wasn't functioning properly. typical. you used a teleporter did you. Ah, whatever. Perhaps nect time you use reotating laser drones and rockets, make it a KRADDA

OMFG this

is awesome, ill give it a 4.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 which rounds to a 5 :)

I didn't like how the rockets bunched up, tho. still good.


5/5 i wished mine turned out like this, u put my nreality dda to shame :(
everytime I press 'p' within two seconds the ninja gets decapitated

Just watched it.

Not my favorite of your DDAs, but still very good. The lasers could've done more.
You should try making a DDA that utilizes only rocky drones and forcefield drones for propulsion. (I would, but I think I should finish the 5-10 DDAs I've already started first, and I'm a total noob with the mods)


like lord_zecrus said.. nreality ddas ftw!


not as good as some of your other DDA's though. However, I liked the fact of using the rotating lasers well.

Faved for later.

I can't seem to get the NReality mods working for me right now (I can't access the NReality website), so I'll watch it when it actually works for me.

nreality ddas ftw

Nice close calls, propulsion, and length, 4.5, rounded up because it uses nreality :p

As for Nreality ddas, i have only seen a total of around 10, 3 of which I made. With DDAs becoming less and less unique and interesting, Nreality should be utilized far more in DDAs. I am hoping that you and everyone else will create more Nreality DDAs


No, no it wasn't :P

Excellent. 5.


The lasers were a nice tough. You gets 5.


make sure you are connected to the internet (I think dial-up users have problems)Restart NReality and make sure NReality loads the updates/mods, try reloading the map. If that doesn't work, try loading the data in debug mode, cos I am also having trouble loading mods in userlevels atm. sometimes it takes a while to load them; so just be patient on the menu screen until it loads and then it should work fine ;D

As for the map.. This is as cool as the other side of the pillow! Like a bank robber with those lasers. Very neat.


for everyone else.. this map works. Mine doesnt

Not really

Its just horribly unreliable most of the time.


I'm gonna sound real noobish here... but i've downloaded Nreality several times (i'm on a mac) and every Nreality map i play, plays exactly like normal N... is there anything i have to do to make it work ?


Amazing job.
They were just flashy.


Great job, although I think the lasers could have played more of a role in this one. Still, 4aved.


4/5aved! Great Job with the lasers
Id love to see a redux of this. 4 atm.
Now you can 5 easily


just wow

been waiting for a nreality dda for a while because i cant get the hang of nreality