Trust the unorganized

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Author Dead_N
Tags author:dead_n hard playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-11-15
Last Modified 2008-11-15
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Some weird puzzle concept I came up with.
Also, I think I've never really made a puzzle map before -_-

Be sure to read the title :P

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Damn, I didn't notice the mines even though I read all the posts. Good thought Talz, or shall I call you dead_n here? :P
Anyway, still a 3 :P


Not really fun, or puzzling. Just hit and trial as "astheoceansblue" said.
3 I guess.
gold ol' fashion cheating will egt u knowhere.
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pretty nice

I never saw those mines sticking out
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Amazing puzzle.


Demo Data

not bad

it was sorta kinda fun


Awesome puzzle map! 5aved!
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Oh shit

I completely missed that! I really like that device, nicely done :)
Look at the mines. They provide hints. (Although they weren't overly obvious at first, which was good)

Slow demo, and not an AGD. (This was my first completion)
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Oh well

It was worth a try.
More just trial and error.

The set up isn't bad, I just didn't find anything interesting about the solution.


never mind

figured it out ^^
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This is

when you give us the demo.


I don't think so :/