Singing You To Shipwreck

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt floorchasers hard lasers rated seeker-drones
Created 2008-12-05
Last Modified 2008-12-05
by 6 people.
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Description Not for the Paraidgm Shift Contest, oddly enough. RCE.

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I played this a few times until I beat it once, just to make sure I could. Then I started going for my AGD, but run after run after run, I couldn't get it. The drones, floorguards, and that one mine just to the right of the exit were my main obstacles (aside from stupid mistakes) and they should have been annoying the bejesus out of me, but for some reason they weren't. I just kept on trying. And EVENTUALLY, after reconsidering my strategy 4 or 5 times, I came out with something that worked. It's below.

But seriously, it's weird. It's like I subconsciously knew the map was plenty beatable if you slowed down, and a speedy AGD was just going to be a lucky run, where the drones were just right and, if approaching the exit from the right, you happen to pass the mine unharmed. Typically it would frustrate me and I'd end up giving 3/5, but for whatever reason, it did not happen in this map, and I am acknowledging that (as well as the fact that the map is fun to play when speed is not a big deal). 4/5
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The slower I go.

The better my maps are. I put time in to them.


I'm not on your favorite authors list. ;_;

hey, nice map

and u *might* want to check my latest map, it uses a few of those circles you're so fond of =]

Yeah, probably

Ill try reworking this later, probably.


You can do Better

kinda cool

feels kinda tight 3/5


1st- harder than it looked
2nd- that floorguard IS annoying
3rd- i don't see any problems with the drones
4th- the upper part is kinda messy

Then, 3/5


Nice one rozer >_<
i mean honestly...
Demo Data
Referring to the hard floorguard bit at the end or something else?


The doors were integral imo.

You use drones

so effectively ^^