Ghosts of Oynx

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt featured floorjumpers gtmspecial mines nnrpg rated
Created 2008-12-01
Last Modified 2008-12-13
by 20 people.
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Description My entry into the Neditor Nation Comp, as a challenge against Templex. We definitely have different opinions on what's relaxed and what isn't :) RCE.

Lost the round, but not by much ;)

This map was featured on 2013-03-26

The shaman looked at his people endlessly quarreling over the gold they mined from the mountain, stealing and hording what they could instead of sacrificing the gold as tribute to their God, Onyx, as they had for centuries. He pleaded and warned them that it would lead to a terrible demise, but to no avail. Onyx rose from the earth and the caves began to collapse. Right before the walls crumbled upon them, the shaman’s voice boomed throughout the caves: “The end has arrived! Onyx is emerges!
They say the souls of the buried remain, viciously guarding their wondrous treasures.

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lol ghosts of oinks

i did not notice that

for all these years
but I haven't got the patience...


fastest so far...
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that onyx is misspelled in the map title



my thoughts have not changed

Plays very well

Really attractive and not ridiculously difficult - a great all-rounder! 5aved, and crappy demo included.
Demo Data

this is cool

it makes me want to map again... ZOAS HURRY UP WITH P&P!! :D

Tiles are great.

I didn't like the gameplay though. 3/5


this is /the best/ review.

This is really nice

I like the architecture

bit cramped/

the tileset itself had some space, but the mine/floorguard combo made the gameplay really fettered.

~liked the one-way/launch pad motif on the edge.

very nice

couldn't beat it. It's a pity it didn't win, but oh, well, 4

it seems very difficult at the bottom, took me 'bout 94 times to get right
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Excellent. I can honestly say that in my three years of playing N, I have never run into a map quite like this :D
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Not bad.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. 4aved. =P
It was only on display for 7 seconds! :D

This is a great map, I love the way that the middle floorguard blocks the way, the way you have to time some of your jumps, and the simple puzzling elements on the right. 5aved, and for the first time in yonks, Userleveled.

see like

your floorguard map was cool because it focused on floorguards moving in short intense little bursts in an enclosed environment. NNRPG is so cool because everybody does the Gym Themes different :) cool map too, and on the bright side, you're getting an assload of floorguard practice :D

Very nice layout.

The way that you continued the tileset on the bottom and on the right side of the map was a very nice touch. I'm glad I saw this map. Nicely done. 4/5.
I will take that into account and make better maps with objects in the future. :)
I'm kinda busy!


He remembered!


there ya go :)

Sub 2000 agd

This map is a lot more diverse than I first thought it was. It's a pretty damn good map.
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I forgot to say

that this is awesome. Great work.


did it in 5 goes. reallly slowy but an AGD. liked the map, rated it the same as how many times it took to do it;)
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1st try AGD, even if it does suck a whole lot of @$$. Personally, I don't like floor robot things. They make me have to use my thinking part too much if they're on little things like that.
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quite fun, thats pretty much it.


loved the floorguards.
though i havent played templex yet


5/5 means perfect.....

What's wrong with

v below.

there we go

MUUUCH better.
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This is pretty much

a very beutiful nice relaxed map 5/5 good job GTM

the crappy demo.

as for the map, i loved it, 5aved
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sloppy AGD

I liked it. If it's supposed to be relaxed then you've got that right.

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